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Internship in Oxford....

posted on 29 Jul 2015 12:13 by Elena Pinto Simon

This summer, a number of Bard Graduate Center students satisfied their internship requirement by completing internships abroad. As they complete their summer experience, they each have written me a note about how it all went. Ana Estrades
an about-to-be second year MA student had the opportunity to spend six weeks at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, under the supervision of Dr. Tim Wilson. I thought you might like to read some of what Ana's summer was like; and also to thank Tim Wilson and the Ashmolean team, who made this extraordinary experience possible!

Ana writes: "My summer internship in Oxford was a very rewarding experience in many fronts, from the personal, to the professional and the academic. I spent a total of six weeks, the first two at the Beazley archive, and the remaining month in the Western Art department at the Ashmolean museum. In the Beazley, I familiarized myself with the archive’s library, projects and publications on gems and cameos, and I also met key people in the gem field: Sir John Boardman, Dr Claudia Wagner and Martin Henig. My work there involved identifying copies in electrotype with the original Beverley gems photographed for an upcoming publication. Also, I learned how to take photographs of gems and cameos up-close, which proved useful for one of my research projects in the museum.
At the Ashmolean, I primarily assisted curator Tim Wilson, an expert in Renaissance maiolica, who was a true mentor during my time in the museum. I completed two research projects under his supervision: the iconography of a recently acquired maiolica istoriato bowl, and the cameos decorating a coin cabinet.


From the beginning, I fitted in well within the Ashmolean's Western Art department team, where I helped in different tasks, from updating their database, to serving the public in their Print Room, finding and handling original drawings. Moreover, by the end of the internship, my efforts were felt both in the museum, and also in my own research. After attending a National Trust conference on Cabinets of Curiosity at Waddesdon Manor, I clarified the focus of my MA qualifying paper: to study the presence of gems and cameo collections in 16th-17th century curiosity cabinets. For this intensely rich experience at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, my sincere appreciation goes to the whole Western Art department team, with special gratitude to Tim Wilson, who taught me so much in little time, and I thank Bard Graduate Center for this wonderful opportunity. "

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Boston Chapter Launches!

posted on 21 May 2015 19:24 by Elena Pinto Simon

Friday, May 15th was a big day for Bard Graduate Center – it marked the launch of the first gathering of BGC’s Boston Alumni Chapter. We came together at the Harvard Art Museum’s beautiful courtyard, and spent a wonderful afternoon in the new study center, looking and talking about a selection of objects from the collection These were selected by Professor Andrew Morrall, who led our afternoon discussion.


And what a wonderful afternoon it was – Prof. Morrall was terrific, as always, and from the expert to the neophyte among us, we spent two hours looking at his selection of early modern objects, from Albrecht Durer’s The Sixth Knot woodcut to a 16th century Spanish Catalonian Luster dish with a bird motif, to Michelangelo’s Goldsmith’s Designs/ Studies for the Magnifici Tomb in the Medici Chapel (1521), to a Persian Annunciation painting with calligraphy (1590), and carved German lindenwood memento mori sculptures of death from the first half of the seventeenth century — some twenty objects in all.


After our session, we all went to supper at GRAFTON STREET, just outside of Harvard Square, and spent some time catching up. The group included Ezra Shales, Virginia Spofford, Nina Cohen, Sophia Lufkin, Jeannie Ingram, Andrew Morrall and Elena Pinto Simon. Special thanks go to Jeannie Ingram for helping to make all the arrangements for our visit.

And so, the Boston Chapter is launched! Next spring, alum Michelle Tolini, Curator of Fashion at the MFA) has invited us to the MFA another gathering and visit. There are currently twelve BGC alums living in the greater Boston area, and we all look forward to re-connecting, staying in touch, and networking connections for all alums. Next stop in June? Chicago!

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Waddesdon Manor

posted on 21 May 2015 18:53 by Elena Pinto Simon

The Bard Travel Program is well underway, and we recently received this image from the students who were in England. (Half of the students went to London; the other half to Paris ) The program is centered in London, but does offer several day trips, and this one was to Waddesdon Manor, the Rothschild Estate in Kent.


Along with faculty members Deborah Krohn and Ulrich Leben, who led the Waddesdon tour, are (bottom row, left to right) Andrew Taggert, Caitlin Dichter, Ulrich Leben, Summer Olsen. In the second row, left to right, are Marietta Klase, Garrett Swanson, Deborah Krohn, Cindy Kok, Caroline O’Connell. Third row includes: Lara Schilling, Christine Griffiths, Sarah Stanle, Amanda Thompson, Clara Boesch, Ana Estrades . On the top step are Kaitlin McClure and Shiela Maloney. The annual trip abroad, led by BGC faculty is for the first year students to study, in situ, many of the objects and kinds of objects they have been studying in the Survey class.

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