heading north...

posted on 13 Sep 2012 17:09 by Elena Pinto Simon
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Ah yes, the annual pizza lunch for the first and second year to get to spend some social time together.

Now orientation is officially over!

The first graduate school fair of the new cycle is tonight at NYU. Next week, I head to Cambridge, Boston and Providence for more fairs. These are always a chance to meet with out-of-town applicants, who want more info about the BGC. (But they also give me a chance to check out some great campus book stores!)
The Fair at NYU is at the Metropolitan Center on 18th Street from 5-8 pm; the BU fair is the 19th at the Sherman Union at BU; and the fair at Brown is the 20th. Both of these are from 5-8 pm. I welcome those in the area to come to these fairs and stop by the BGC table!