Installation Workshop: Swedish Wooden Toys

posted on 23 Sep 2015 16:06 by Elena Pinto Simon
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On September 10, Founder and Director Susan Weber led students and staff in an installation workshop, for Swedish Wooden Toys, even as Associate Gallery Director Ian Sullivan and his team were finishing up the install for this magical and well-received exhibition.

Swedish Wooden Toys opened to the public on Friday, September 18th.


These installation workshops have become a regular event for most main gallery exhibitions, and are looked forward to by all – providing an important “behind the scenes” look at exhibition making. In this session, the galleries were filled with joyful sights of childhood, as the antique toys showed off the crafts and skills of early toymakers, from early hand-carved small animals to the iconic images of Swedish childhood : beautifully painted horses, rocking animals, cars, trains, and spectacular doll houses.


The exhibition will be up throughout the fall , and provides wonder and instruction to children and adults of all ages. Bard Grad Center invites you to take a walk through what will undoubtedly be a world of memories for many – whether you played with toys like this yourself, or not.

Swedish Wooden Toys is a gateway to the world of childhood.

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