posted on 24 Oct 2012 12:11 by Elena Pinto Simon
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Sunday was the first (of three) Open Houses at the BGC. A chance for interested potential students to come and listen to our Dean, Peter Miller, and a number of our faculty talk about their work at the BGC. (This past Sunday faculty included Ivan Gaskell, Andrew Morrall, Ulrich Leben, and Chair Jeffrey Collins). Each talked about their own scholarly backgrounds and interests, and presented an object that they brought along to discuss…. a lively discussion followed, both among the faculty and with our guests.


The rest of the program included a tour of the building, including the Digital Media Lab and Library, led by PhD student Tom Tredway, and a guided tour of the Circus exhibition, led by MA student Suky Kang.There was also time for lots of questions about everything from financial aid to the application process itself.

And, as has become a BGC tradition, these Sunday mornings are catered by Zabar’s!

We videotaped this session, and soon it will be posted to our website…I’ll post when it is available for viewing – so if you couldn’t come, you can still get a strong sense of what the day was like.

There are two more of these events upcoming – November 11 and December 2nd. Both are from 11-1pm. Both will start in our Lecture Hall. I think they are the single best way to see what life at the BGC is all about.

Come to our house!