run away and join our circus...

posted on 19 Oct 2012 12:36 by Elena Pinto Simon
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Curatorial Fellow Matt Wittmann led BGC guests, faculty , students and staff in a wonderful “day at the circus” on Monday, October 15th, as part of our Scholars Day and Symposium on The Circus and the City Exhibition, now up in the BGC Main Gallery.

In the morning session, Matt led an extended tour and talk about the history of the circus in New York City with a group of invited scholars. This lively session took us through the whole process of this major exhibition – from early planning stages to its final form as installed.


After lunch, the group joined a larger audience that included students , visitors and other faculty, for a symposium on the history of the American circus.


This material culture-driven exhibition approaches the circus from multiple perspectives, centering on the role of circus in the City of New York, from its earliest manifestations in the late 1790’s through to the heyday of the circus in the ‘50s and the contemporary circus. It runs until February 3rd.

If you are in town, stop by and join our circus for an afternoon!