workshops, workshops, workshops...

posted on 27 Aug 2012 14:58 by Elena Pinto Simon
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Week two of BGC Orientation moves from the introductory to the practical. Along with language classes in French, German and Italian, this week we are running a number of HOW TO workshops for all new students: How to use a wiki, how to use digital resources in the library, a session on BGC Writing Style with our writing tutor, a basic digital tools clinic, IT orientation. The nuts and bolts of the toolkit all BGC students need to know just ahead of the start of classes.
New students are also lining up their on-campus student jobs, settled in to Bard Hall, and learning about their new neighborhood, and for many, their new city. Meanwhile, down the block at 18 W, the big install for the main gallery exhibit, Circus and the City is underway. The circus is coming to town!